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Choosing Colors For A Bedroom

When choosing a color for your bedroom, think about how you want to feel. Naturally this is a place for relaxing and winding down before sleep. With this you can pick calming hues of blue and green for tranquility and calmness. A favorite is Hallman …

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Can I Paint My House Myself?

It is not uncommon for home owners to want to put in some sweat equity. Painting your own house can provide such an opportunity. You might not be a master carpenter, an expert mason, or a qualified architect, but the thought of painting doesn’t feel …

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Boxing Your Paint

Determine how much paint you’ll need for your project. Combine the paint into a single container and mix it thoroughly. This is referred to as “boxing” your paint, and it will help to keep your color consistent from start to finish.

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Best Way to Protect a Deck

Having a wood or synthetic deck in Wisconsin can be a lot of maintenance! Our climate causes unique problems and an exterior wood/synthetic surface that is walked on, shoveled, power washed, and even air blown will cause coatings to wear and fail quickly if the …

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Adding Curb Appeal To Your Home

Painting your front door a new color will add instant curb appeal to your home. Shutters and trim also have a big impact, almost as much as the siding. Its amazing how a new coat of paint can transform your exterior. In addition to a fresh paint job, add things like …

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