A home office; a place where journeys are planned, numbers are analyzed and the place to get things done. The key to picking an office color is in the psychology of color.

Blue is classified as the most productive color. It is also calming in low saturation which is a great way to feel when doing your taxes! This color is best for accountants, paying bills, organizing finances, ect.

Bloggers, writers, and creative thinkers may not benefit as much with blue in their space. Yellow would be a better choice. Yellows stimulate emotion and is a cheerful and energetic color. This can certainly aid in your creativity.

The color intensity plays a big role in your final choice as a low saturation will have a calming effect regardless of the hue. A highly saturated color will have more of an impact.

If you choose blue for your office, you can decorate with a yellow accent chair to stimulate your creativity or another color to help balance the space and incorporate different emotions. You can essentially pick any color for an office but thinking of how you want to feel in the space and the style you like is how you find your tailored office color just for you.