Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets are a very popular option for people that don’t want the traditional look of wood. Replacing your cabinets can be time consuming and very expensive. Painting your existing cabinets is a cost effective alternative.

After deciding that this is the look you want to achieve in your home, it’s important to have realistic expectations. While painted cabinets look great, they aren’t going to look totally smooth like the white cabinets you buy from Home Depot. If your existing cabinets have a visible open grain, like many oak cabinets, those grooves are going to show through the paint.

While Pinterest, Good Housekeeping, and DIY websites make painting your kitchen cabinets look easy, in reality, it’s a project that has many opportunities to be a disaster. For a long lasting paint job you need to follow very particular processes and use high-grade products to avoid future chipping and peeling. And remember, proper preparation is as important as the painting itself.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Steps

  • Number and remove all cabinet doors and hardware.
  • Clean grime and grease off all surfaces.
  • Sand, dust, and vacuum. If you don’t have a clean painting surface the paint won’t stick.
  • Apply a quality primer. Skipping this step can cause knots and stains to bleed though as your paint cures.
  • Fill all holes and dings.
  • Sand, dust, and vacuum…. Again

Now that your cabinets have been properly prepped, we can begin painting.

  • Apply the first coat of paint. High-quality paint is worth the investment.
  • Sand, dust, and vacuum. Remember; If you don’t have a clean painting surface the paint won’t stick.
  • Apply second coat of paint. (repeat as needed)
  • Reassemble the doors with hardware and remount.
  • Then we do a full cleanup. Our goal is to make your home look better than when we started!
  • And after your project is complete, we will do a full inspection. This helps to ensure that everything has been completed to your specifications and that you are happy.

Hiring a professional painter is advisable for a project like this. While it is cheaper than replacing your cabinets, there is still a cost associated with doing it once incorrectly, and then having to do it again with someone more experienced. Painting kitchen cabinets, when done right, typically ranges from $3000-$8000.

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