Decks and Fences

Painting and staining wood decks and fences is a service we offer at Two Day Painting. Many of our customers simply include it with their exterior house painting and combine both projects into one.

People often have problems with their decks and fences because the weather in WI can be a bit difficult. Drastic changes in temperatures and weather conditions can be very hard on any exterior wood structure. So it is important to have the proper protection before you discover any problem areas.

These are some of the problems you can experience with a wooden deck or fence:

  • Sun – Shrinks wood causing cracks
  • Ultraviolet Rays – Discolors wood and accelerates wear
  • Moisture – Swells wood and can cause warping
  • Moldy Growth – Forms in shady areas
  • Scratches – Can expose bare wood fibers
  • Grease Splatter – Natural occurrence when using a barbecue grill
  • Ground-in Dirt – Typical with foot traffic

Any chance of prolonged protection for your deck or fence from these culprits requires a high quality product, proper application, and diligent maintenance.

But even perfect maintenance will not keep your deck looking new forever. Every few years you will need to assess any new damage. Boards may need to be replaced or the protected surface could just be showing signs of wear. Whatever the reason, it’s important to stay diligent. Although painting or staining every few years may seem like a lot of work and expense, it’s much easier and cheaper than having to replace it.

These are the steps we take to ensure you get maximum protection for your wood deck or fence.

  1. Power wash your deck or fence several days prior to paint or stain to ensure a clean surface.
  2. Replace any rotting and damaged boards, spindles, or handrails.
  3. Setup areas prior to painting by protecting surfaces with drop cloths or by masking areas where needed.

Now that your deck or fence has been properly prepared, we can begin painting or staining. After completion, we will inspect the project and do a walkthrough with you to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction and that you are happy. The last step is to do a full cleanup. Our goal is to make your home look better than when we started!

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