Carpentry Services

The key to a professional paint job lies in properly preparing your painting surface. The first step often includes carpentry services. Houses that have not been carefully maintained often have rotten wood. This wood must be replaced before starting your painting project.

Cedar siding will often have rotting boards. As old stain begins to fail it will allow small traces of water to penetrate the wood. Over time this will lead to the softening, and eventual rot, of siding and trim. It’s not enough to just power wash and sand these areas. You will need to do a full board replacement to properly correct the problem.

And it’s not just cedar. Wood homes can be sided with pine, cedar, fir, or spruce. Although red cedar is the most popular, all wood siding can have water problems.

It is also important to fill woodpecker holes on wood-sided homes. The little holes left by woodpeckers also create areas that allow water and moisture to penetrate the exterior barrier to your home.

Our most common carpentry projects include:

  • Siding and trim repair
  • Deck and railing repair
  • Wood chimney chase repair

Chimneys can be a problem area on wood sided homes. If your home has a wood chimney chase, you need to be aware of potential problems. Many of these chimneys have water damage that, in many cases, may not be visible.

The best way to check for this type of damage is to press your finger against the wood siding and trim. Often this damage will be present in the areas where the siding meets the wood trim pieces. If the wood area is soft or if your finger goes through the siding, you have rotting wood.

The best repair for this is to completely remove the problem boards. You then need to check the sheathing underneath. If there is visible water damage or softness to the wood sheathing, that will need to be replaced also.

The reason that a chimney can be a problem area is because they often aren’t protected by a soffit or any other type of overhang.

Looking to prevent this type of damage to your wood chimney chase?

Proper maintenance. A professional painting company will make sure to caulk these problem areas with a high quality caulk. Using quality caulk products have a longer life and can extend the life of your wood siding and trim.

Our carpentry services aren’t just exterior, we also have carpentry projects inside. These projects include interior trim and window and door casings. While water damage isn’t as common on the interior of houses, it can still happen.

But water damage isn’t the only way interior trim can be damaged. Other causes like excessive wear and tear, pet damage, and even ____ can lead to the trim inside your home to need replacement.

Whether your carpentry needs are inside or out, the highly-skilled carpentry team will take every measure necessary to ensure a quality job for your pre-paint preparation.

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