Eight Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painting Company

The decision to hire a painting company is a very important one and taking a few moments to read the following information could save you both money and frustration by avoiding a bad experience.  The fact is, painters range in the quality of services they provide, and there are many inexperienced, unlicensed and unqualified people and companies that masquerade as professional painters. Many homeowners are so focused on “how much” that they never even consider anything else. This can lead them to hire the wrong company, leading to a costly and frustrating experience. The following questions to ask will assist you in making the smart choice and will go a long way in providing you with the ammunition to separate the professional contractors from [...]

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Tips For Hiring A Painting Company

Hiring a contractor can be a big investment of time, money, and emotion. We have all heard stories of contractors who have turned into total nightmares. Projects can go way over budget, take far longer than expected, or just don’t meet the quality standards you expected to pay for. Not all contractors are created equal and yes, price does often reflect quality. With these two facts in mind, the following tips can help ensure a contractor that is a good fit for your project and your personality. Get referrals There is often no better recommendation than that of a past customer. Talk to friends, neighbors, or even internet testimonials. Please keep in mind internet testimonials are often cherry picked or all together fictitious. [...]

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