Best Way to Protect a Deck

Having a wood or synthetic deck in Wisconsin can be a lot of maintenance! Our climate causes unique problems and an exterior wood/synthetic surface that is walked on, shoveled, power washed, and even air blown will cause coatings to wear and fail quickly if the proper product and preparation are neglected. Let’s dig a little deeper into what’s available, what kind of life expectancy you can expect, and what to look for when buying a deck coating. The expectations of the life of the coating, as well as the look of the product, will need to be determined before purchasing a deck paint or stain. You also need to determine what your deck is made of. Here are the different types of wood [...]

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Maintaining Your Wood Deck

Semi-transparent stains need to be refreshed at least every other year to maintain a uniform coating. These products are designed to be maintenance friendly by simply cleaning and adding another coat. Solid stains cover the natural wood completely and look just like paint. This can be a great option for old decks that aren’t in the best shape and give them a fresh new look. They aren’t as maintenance friendly but do last longer before wearing with the weather. The location, weather and traffic your deck gets will be the determining factor on how long your coating will last.

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