How to Pick an Exterior Paint Color

It’s time to paint the exterior of your home. When it comes time to pick the color it can be quite intimidating. It is a color/s that will represent your personality as well as your homes architecture. Let’s be honest painting the exterior of your home is a lot of work, so you want it done right the first time! Here are a few tips and elements to consider when picking a color for the exterior of your home. History of the Home Check out the history of your home. Do you live in a historic neighborhood? What era was your home built? There are specific colors used for certain time eras. For example, exteriors in the early 1900’s were not afraid to [...]

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What is the Best Color for a Ceiling?

When picking a color for your ceiling, first look at the shape of the room. Is it an open concept with a ceiling that spans more than one room or an individual room with its own ceiling? Is there height variation or is it flat? The shape of the room will determine the best options for you. Many people are under the assumption that ceilings must be white and this isn’t always the case. White is a simple and safe way to go. If you enjoy changing your wall colors often or have a difficult ceiling to paint than white or a shade of white is usually best. Otherwise, you’ll want to paint your ceiling with each color change. The ceiling is the [...]

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Picking a Color for your Home Office

A home office; a place where journeys are planned, numbers are analyzed and the place to get things done. The key to picking an office color is in the psychology of color. Blue is classified as the most productive color. It is also calming in low saturation which is a great way to feel when doing your taxes! This color is best for accountants, paying bills, organizing finances, ect. Bloggers, writers, and creative thinkers may not benefit as much with blue in their space. Yellow would be a better choice. Yellows stimulate emotion and is a cheerful and energetic color. This can certainly aid in your creativity. The color intensity plays a big role in your final choice as a low saturation will have a calming effect regardless [...]

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You’ve Decided to Paint…. Now What?

You have made the decision to paint. Now you have to choose a paint color for your home. We know it can be intimidating with so many options available, so we have put together some tips to help find the right color for you. If you are planning on selling your home try to stick with neutrals like off white, gray, or beige. Less is more when it comes to painting for resale. If you have recently purchased a new home or are just ready for a refresh, first think about how you want the space to feel. If you want it to feel light and airy choose cool colors like a light blue or soft green. Grays can pull blue as well, [...]

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Choosing Colors For A Bedroom

When choosing a color for your bedroom, think about how you want to feel. Naturally this is a place for relaxing and winding down before sleep. With this you can pick calming hues of blue and green for tranquility and calmness. A favorite is Hallman Lindsay 0476 Lighthouse. This color has undertones of gray so it doesn’t feel too bright or beachy which some blues tend to do. If modern is more your style, different shades of black or deep grays like Hallman Lindsay 0535 Zen Retreat paired with neutral décor to contrast can create a glamorously modern space.

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