Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

The most popular trend in painting right now is painting your kitchen cabinets. This can transform the way your kitchen looks, feels, and is much less expensive than buying new cabinets. There is a special process for painting kitchen cabinets the right way. Many companies will come in, remove the hardware, and paint the cabinets. Without doing the correct amount of prep work, your cabinet finish will not last. Proper preparation for your cabinets involves removing the hardware, washing all greasy areas, using a sander to ensure a smooth surface, priming using a specialty primer with a high amount of bonding agents, and applying two coats of Hallman Lindsay’s Aqua Alkyd paint. This paint is an oil/latex hybrid enamel that will leave a very [...]

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Choosing Colors For A Bedroom

When choosing a color for your bedroom, think about how you want to feel. Naturally this is a place for relaxing and winding down before sleep. With this you can pick calming hues of blue and green for tranquility and calmness. A favorite is Hallman Lindsay 0476 Lighthouse. This color has undertones of gray so it doesn’t feel too bright or beachy which some blues tend to do. If modern is more your style, different shades of black or deep grays like Hallman Lindsay 0535 Zen Retreat paired with neutral décor to contrast can create a glamorously modern space.

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Adding Curb Appeal To Your Home

Painting your front door a new color will add instant curb appeal to your home. Shutters and trim also have a big impact, almost as much as the siding. Its amazing how a new coat of paint can transform your exterior. In addition to a fresh paint job, add things like flower boxes with greenery and bright colored flowers paired with exterior lighting. Get creative with your house numbers! You can add an art element with them or use a pop of color. Even a mailbox makeover can add a little extra something to the exterior of your home.

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Maintaining Your Wood Deck

Semi-transparent stains need to be refreshed at least every other year to maintain a uniform coating. These products are designed to be maintenance friendly by simply cleaning and adding another coat. Solid stains cover the natural wood completely and look just like paint. This can be a great option for old decks that aren’t in the best shape and give them a fresh new look. They aren’t as maintenance friendly but do last longer before wearing with the weather. The location, weather and traffic your deck gets will be the determining factor on how long your coating will last.

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Painting Aluminum Siding

There is a special process behind painting aluminum siding. Aluminum oxidizes over time, leaving a chalk like appearance, so the house has to be washed thoroughly. After 99% of the chalk is removed, you must use a specialty primer for all bare, shiny metal areas. Once those areas have been spot primed, we recommend adding a bonding additive to the first coat of the paint. Mix a quart of additive for every gallon of paint. After that, an additional coat of paint will leave your house looking great for up to 15 years!

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Color Sample Tip

Tired of relying on those small paper color samples? Test your color by buying a sample and paint it on a poster board. Tape it to your wall and look at it in different lighting. You’ll be amazed by how it changes from day to night. Finally, consider what your colors will look like as you move from room to room. The colors in your home should have a flow. Remember, you are seldom in one room without seeing another portion of the next. This is just a small sample of the choices you’ll have when it’s time to change colors. But don’t worry if you are having a difficult time, a professional color consultation is offered as a free service when you choose Two [...]

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Freshen Up Your Paint

Have you thought about freshening up your paint colors? There are many factors you should consider before making your next decision. First, think about how you want to feel in the space. For example, the color blue creates calmness and serenity. It is the most used color for offices because it promotes productivity. Lighting should also be considered when choosing colors. Natural daylight shows color in its true form. Incandescent light makes red and oranges more vivid and can mute blues and greens. And fluorescent lighting can enhance greens and blues.

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