Color Consultations

Top painting companies offer color consultations as a service for their customers. These color experts help you determine a color that works with your space and aligns with your personality.
Everyone has an expectation of how they want their living space to look. Whether it’s elegant or cozy, colors are one of the most important factors to achieving the perfect look. But paint colors can be very complicated. One prominent paint company offers over 1,500 paint colors!
Have you ever spent countless hours agonizing over little 2 inch color samples trying to determine the prefect color for your new living space? Then you get the paint home and realize the color doesn’t work. Tone, hue, saturation, intensity, sheen… Very confusing.

What to Consider When Choosing Paint Colors

  • Sheen – The sheen of your paint refers to the amount of light that will be reflected off your finished surface. Paints with no or lower sheen absorb light more than it reflects. Semi-gloss and gloss sheens reflect light which gives a brighter, shinier look. Higher sheen surfaces can be scrubbed which makes them easier to clean.
  • Lighting – The light in your living space can make a big difference in the way your color looks. We chose a beautiful beige in our living room color because we wanted to be safe. Add color through accessories and House Beautiful will send the photographers. But here’s the problem. Our living room has natural light exposure on the east, north, and west walls. That means our beautiful beige walls change colors depending on the time of day. Beige in the morning, green in the afternoon, and brown at night.
  • Furnishings – Large area rugs or bold colored couches can reflect unwanted colors on interior painted walls. That gray wall you saw with Joanna Gaines is a beautiful, neutral base. But what happens when you place a red couch five feet away from it? The red reflects pink on the wall.
  • Flow – The flow of your home should also be considered when looking at color. With today’s open concept homes you rarely see just one room at a time. The kitchen overlooks the living room and dining room with a hallway leading to bedrooms. That is four separate areas that will look much nicer if the share a common element that helps your eye flow from space to space.

The color selection process can be complicated. It can also be frustrating. But with the help of a trained professional you can have the look from your paint that you’ve always dreamed of.

Two Day Painting offers a free one hour consultation for booked projects over $1,000. Our expertly trained color consultant will help you create color schemes that will enhance any room design. We will take the room’s decorations and architectural elements into consideration. With so many paint colors, trends, and finishes, it makes sense to work with our Color Consultant to take the guesswork out of your project!

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